What Engenders or Enables "Flow"?

The first evidence of flow is a narrowing of the attention to a clearly defined goal. We feel involved, concentrated, absorbed.

We know what must be done, and we get immediate feedback as to how well we are doing.

Certain activities are more likely to produce flow than others because

They have concrete goals and manageable rules. They make it possible to adjust opportunities for action to our capacities.

They provide clear information about how well we are doing. They screen out distractions and make concentration possible

Games, artistic performances and religious rituals are good examples of such "flow activities"

Peace and relaxation are ironically not the pathway to Flow...an active lifestyle is more conducive...

Its in the going and doing, enmeshed in everyday activities that we encounter flow. The five characteristics of flow are

clarity (lack of ambiguity), centering (here and now), choice (and personal responsibility), commitment, and challenge.

In "flow" the tide of rising expectations is stilled; unfulfilled needs not longer trouble the mind.

Even the most humdrum experiences become enjoyable.

"Culture" traditionally provides a shield against the chaos of everyday life and confers meaning.

People wrap themselves in religion, patriotism, ethnic traditions, etc...anything but face the inherent

meaninglessness of life. These cultural shields are increasingly ineffective and societal palliatives are toothless

against chaos. We create meaning and flow through our choices and activities.